Portrait Florence: Beautiful Hotel On The Arno River

With tons of great hotel options in Florence, Portrait Florence (PF) will stand out to those travelers looking for a super posh hotel right on the Arno. It’s the best Lungarno Collection (Ferragamo brand) hotel in the city, and we can’t wait to return!

– Amazing interior design

– Location location location. Right on the Arno close to all the shopping

– Incredibly clean

– Super Quiet

-Walk in closet

– Did I mention the design?


The room design is incredible. Dark wood floors, marble bathrooms, crisp white linens. It is everything you would expect from a  super nice 5 star hotel. Last time we got upgraded and stayed in a huge 1 bedroom suite w/2 full bathrooms. That was more  than enough room to have 15 people over for happy hour.

Like all of the other Lungarno hotels, PF comes with Ferragamo bathroom products. Obviously we took the bottles of shampoo and lotion we didn’t open so we could use that for future hotels.

Check out this video…it’s just a crappy video from my phone, but will give you an idea of the room.


PF had a good breakfast but not amazing. Breakfast is served in the downstairs restaurant with amazing views of the Arno (the featured photo of this blog is literally one step outside of the restaurant). Following the rest of the hotel, the floors are dark wood, and the tables are wood with very white linen table cloths. Zumi got a latte every morning, while I opted for the double espresso. The buffet breakfast had a few different pastries and fruits, but again, nothing that memorable. You’re not staying at this hotel to eat breakfast every morning, but it is included so fill up!



Very good but not great. When compared to the staff at Portrait Roma, it really is no contest. I felt this way about people in general in Florence. They were friendly once you get them talking, but not as personable as the folks in Rome. On a few different occasions, I almost felt like I was bothering them with my questions as opposed to Portrait Roma when they anticipated my every need.

Maybe it was because the other guests were wearing suites and I was wearing jeans and a hoodie, but that shouldn’t matter!


Great hotel. Great design and location. Staff could learn a little bit from the Portrait Roma team, but overall good.

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