Hotel Raphael: WTF Mr. H!??

A look back at one of the most over hyped hotels in Rome…

I had such big expectations for this hotel. My parent’s next door neighbor (whose name I’ll leave as Mr. H…you know who you are) gave me rave reviews about this hotel.  I visited this hotel when I went to Italy as part of my “Kevin doesn’t want to give Izumi a big engagement speech, so he’s taking her to Italy to propose” trip to Italy. Luckily, the trip to Italy sealed the deal, but this hotel choice was clearly a mistake. Unless they’ve really upgraded everything (which from recent TripAdvisor reviews they have not) don’t stay at this hotel.


  • Location is great – right across from Piazza Navona.
  • Rooftop is nice. It was closed when we went, but we snuck up there.


  • Worst windows in the world. We were woken up a thousand times a night from trash pickup and people talking.
  • Hallways smelled like sh*t – literally human poop. They had a huge sewage problem when we were there.
  • Service was meh.


We stayed in one of their updated Richard Meier rooms for our 3 day trip. From the outside just looking in,the rooms looked perfectly fine. That’s when all the problems started to happen.

The main job of a hotel is to give their guests a comfortable sleep. At this hotel, I would have been just as comfortable sleeping outside, because the windows were so bad that I honestly thought I was sleeping outside. They also decide to pick up the trash at all different times throughout the night so I could hear the banging of trash cans. Couple that with a few people talking with a slightly evaluated tone (but not yelling) and neither of us got any sleep at night.

Aside from the horrible windows, our bathroom had some flaws. One of the cabinet doors wouldn’t stay on it’s hinge (which they saw during room walk through but did nothing to fix) and the shower drain kept getting backed up. For the drain, Izumi had me call into the front desk to have it fixed but it was never fixed. That’s just gross.

The last straw for this place was the smell that was coming from the hallway. Just horrible, horrible smells. Imagine being locked up in a Chipotle bathroom for 3 days…that’s how vile it was.


Pano of the rooftop…this was the only redeeming factor of this hotel.


Breakfast was decent. They had a cool blood orange juicer, but the rest of the food was very underwhelming. We were so turned off with everything that we didn’t eat dinner there.

This was the coolest part about the hotel


Scale of 1-10, I would give this place a 4. They didn’t come by to fix anything, the front desk felt very “stuffy,” and no one went out of their way to say hi. This is all basic stuff, but I’m still shocked all the time with how many “nice hotels” still have service that sucks.

Hallway that smelled like crap.


If you haven’t been able to tell from the body of this blog post, this hotel sucks. It’s SUPER expensive (summer months can easily be $800+), you won’t get any sleep, and you’ll come out smelling like sh*t. When you compare this hotel to Portrait Roma, it’s black and white. Stay away.



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