Four Seasons Koh Samui: Glamping On A Hillside Jungle

Four Seasons Koh Samui

A short 1.5 hour plane ride from Bangkok or Singapore, FS Koh Samui is an absolute no brainer if you’re in SE Asia. There is so much to love about this hotel….where do I even begin?


  • So clean you could lie on the floor.
  • Service is top notch.
  • I could go on for days…just read the post!!


  • There was a loud bird that chirped in the middle of the night…but then again, we’re in the middle of the jungle so I’m not sure if I’m allowed to complain about that.



Yup, soooooo they are INSANE. Each room at this property is its own villa with large deck and pool. Not sure of the exact measurements, but the inside portion of the villa felt like it was 1000 sq ft….and the deck and pool was at least that size. Each room comes with Illy espresso machines, tons of FS branded bottled water, flip flops (that you can keep), and big bottles of sun block and lotion (that you pump out). Look at the photos. I can honestly say that the photos don’t do it justice.


It was great. We booked our room through AmEx Fine Hotel and Resorts program, which entitled us to free breakfast every morning- we were allowed to get buffet items AND a main course item for free. Breakfast is held at KOH, which is their main dining area on the cliff side overlooking the ocean. Again, the setting is just breathtaking. With the Fine Hotels and Resorts program, I was able to get the breakfast buffet, and order one item a la cart off of the menu.

We ended up getting dinner here every night too, and thought the prices were very reasonable (considering you were staying at the FS). Normal dinner prices with a few beers each came out to under $80 USD every night for the two of us.

There is an in room dining that gives guest a “mini grill” and prawns…we didn’t do it but regretted not doing it once we got back home.


Thai people in general are super friendly and nice. Combine that with the legendary FS service, and you understand the level of service at this place.


Other Notes: 

  • Hotel is on the side of a mountain which allows for incredible views from your bungalow. You get around the resort by golf carts.
  • Pool area is amazing. Each daybed has a buzzer on it in case you ever need to grab a waiter.
  • Check in is great. When you arrive at the hotel, they bang this huge gong and open up the doors to a breathtaking view. Get your camera ready.
  • You can charter the FS yacht for around $3,000 USD. We ended up doing a day excursion (they pick you up from the hotel) and had a great time.



If you can swing it, you should definitely go to this hotel. Conde Nast just rated this the #46 hotel in the world (personally I think Conde Nast is full of sh*t but they got this one right). Go to this hotel…you’ll thank me later.

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