The Siam: Amazing Boutique Hotel Just North Of Downtown Bangkok

The Siam is a little boutique hotel just far enough from the heart of the city to catch some sleep, but close enough jump on a boat and get downtown within 15 minutes. If you’re looking for tons of people and generic service, stay at the Mandarin Oriental. If you want a place that you’ll remember, look no further.



  • Personalized butler service
  • The Siam Yacht will drop off guests anywhere along the river. Your butler will help coordinate pickup times
  • Incredible Artdeco design throughout the hotel
  • Beautiful Spa
  • Tailored Cooking Classes by a previous Four Seasons head chef


  • I’m nit picking here, but there were a lot of mosquitos on the lawn where breakfast was served everyday. I know this is expected, but the resort could do more (like the FS Koh Samui) by either spraying, providing mosquito repellant, or both.


There are a few of different room categories at the Siam. We were there as part of our honeymoon and opted to stay in one of the Pool Villas Courtyard category. The villas are located near the river, as opposed to the guest rooms that are in the main building. When you walk in the villa, you are greeted by a huge courtyard area. We’re talking plunge pool with fountains, daybed with pillows, bistro table, and stairs leading to a sun bathing area upstairs. The pool doesnt look that large but once you go in, it’s actually 5ft or so deep.

The main room itself was beautiful. Dark wood floors, 20 ft ceilings, huge walk in closets, and one of the nicest/most unique bathrooms I’ve ever seen.

Our Bangkok highlight video has some great footage of our actual room. Check is out here: (sorry it’s wobbly…Izumi is getting me a stabilizer for Christmas 🙂


We booked this hotel using the AMEx Fine Hotels & Resorts program (FHR). As I’ve blogged about before, there are a number of benefits when using the FHR program (room upgrade when available, free breakfast, typically resort credit of $100, etc.) Having said that, breakfast was free for us each morning. We were able to choose anything we wanted from the buffet, and get one a la cart dish each morning.

The breakfast buffet had a nice selection of fresh fruits, and a few pastries. I’m not being short with my review – that was it. Don’t come here expecting the breakfast buffet from the Four Seasons.

The a la cart options were good. I tried all of the “Thai” breakfast options while I was there, and I found them to be pretty good.

Kind of random: I do recall them having “elephant dung coffee” that I wanted to try, but at 35 USD per cup, the wifey shut that down real quick.



This is where the Siam really stood out. Our butler, Sumet, was LITERALLY the man. Every day, he met us while we were eating breakfast to talk about our day’s activities. The first night we were there, he said he wanted to plan a nice evening for us. He lined up a restaurant reservation, and a table for some drinks at the Mandarin Oriental after. He just told us to meet him by the dock at 7.

When we got to the hotel dock, the yacht already knew which dock to drop us off at for our dinner reservstion. After eating a great thai meal at Never Ending Summer, the yacht picked us back up to drop us off across the river st the Mandarin. We had a few drinks at the bar, then waited 10 minutes for the yacht to pick us up at the Mandarin before going home. All in all, it was amazing.

On another ocassion, he personally took us around the night flower market. As we were walking by the different stalls, he would talk to us about the local fruits and flowers. We then took a tuk tuk ride around the imperial palace…it was awesome. When we returned to our room later that night, he left at least 5 bouquets of flowers for Izumi.

This level of service is top notch. Out of all the hotels I’ve ever stayed in, the Siam Bangkok and Portrait Roma in Rome take the cake for best service.



As I mentioned, we were able to book this hotel through FHR. I’m not sure about other times of the year, but when we went in March, FHR was running a “4th Night Free” campaign. Even though, this one was a little pricey…

It ended up being 30,761 Thai Baht, or $878 per night.

($878 x 3) / 4 = $658 per night for Pool Villa Courtyard

Had I stayed in one of their normal room, the nightly rate would have been significantly reduced. I just did a quick FHR search for March of 2017, and its coming back at 17,531 Thai Baht, or $513 USD (without applying any 4th night free campaign).

Bottom Line: Look for the “4th night free” to save big on this hotel.

Breakfast was around $30 dollars each

If it wasn’t our honey moon the costs booking through AMEx would have been:

($513 x 3)/4 =$ 384

$384-$60 (for breakfast for 2) = $324… NO BRAINER.

Han Dynasty antique in the lobby…no big deal right??? … WTF that’s amazing.


It’s pricey, but a really nice hotel choice in Bangkok. After visiting the Mandarin, and eating there few times, we were very happy we stayed at the Siam.

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