Portrait Roma Hotel: Chic. Gorgeous. Perfect.

Fact. This hotel is literally one of my favorite hotels in the world.  I love it so much and so does everyone else who has had the privilege to stay at this beautiful boutique hotel. There is a reason why TripAdvisor reviews rave about it. Out of 476 reviews, 452 people gave it 5 stars.

At MotoMotoTravel, we strive to give you the best bang for your buck.  This is not one of them. However, once you stay here, you will see why we can never stay at another hotel in Rome.

The hotel is on Via Condotti which is a street packed with designer stores that lead you to the Spanish steps. It’s a boutique hotel that also serves as a small museum to honor the late Salvatore Ferragamo. With only 14 rooms, the hotel sits atop the Ferragamo Men’s store and the entrance is small and discrete.  The entrance is a large wooden door across from the Hermes store. There is something exclusive about this hotel and you are made to feel like you are some kind of celebrity upon arriving.

People often ask me why I would ever splurge on a hotel room…well, let me tell you!

Best Service – Chocolates to welcome us!

The Booking Experience:

6 months prior to the trip, shortly after I booked the room, I was asked a series of questions that were unique to my past room booking experiences.  What thread count sheets do I like? Would I like a feather pillow or a foam pillow? Would I prefer a bathrobe or Yukata? I was instructed to send in a picture of my husband and I. What? Why?  

They ask you these questions because they want you to feel like you are at home during your stay.


Check In:

As I mentioned, the whole experience feels so exclusive.  You cannot just walk into the hotel, you have to ring the doorbell. Before I could even ring the doorbell, the door swung open and one of the employees was greeting us enthusiastically, “Mr. and Mrs. Miyamoto! Ohayogozaimasu! Welcome to Portrait Roma!” It was clear to me that they were expecting us and memorized our names and faces. The entrance was subdued with just an elevator to the left and stairs to the right. We were escorted up to their check in room one level above while someone took our luggage to our room.

The boutique hotel serves as a museum for the late Salvatore Ferragamo

They served us an assortment of the best macaroons I had ever tasted, which I later found out were from a chocolatier down the street. We were congratulated on our recent engagement and was offered champagne.  After we were finished drinking our champagne, we were served very frothy cappuccinos while they checked us in.  They showed us the iPad with our picture on the front (a nice touch may I add) and the selection of services they offered.  It had been preloaded with restaurant recommendations as well.  Guests are free to take the 3G enabled iPads to help guide them through the city. As I swiped through the contents within the iPad, I saw guest recommended activities such as a Ferrari tour.  I chuckled while wondering what kind of idiot would want to drive Ferraris around Rome.  Diving would be a nightmare, let alone in a car that costs 6 figures.

The Roof Top:

To get to the roof top, you need to ride an elevator which is lined with leather and plaques of quotes by Ferragamo himself on each side. Once the elevator stops, you are  overlooking the entire city of Rome. To the left, you will see the Spanish Steps and straight ahead, you will see the parliament building. You will be awe-stricken. I am certain that this is the most beautiful rooftop I had ever seen.

On the rooftop, during the summers, they serve breakfast. It is fantastic – Pastries, desserts, granola, coffee, cappuccino, eggs, ham, fresh squeezed juice. It is all free so fill up while you can!



The rooftop also houses an honest bar.  It is stocked with small snacks, wine, beer, liquor, juices, and sodas. Guests are free to take whatever they wish and they are asked to write the room number down, although I do not believe they are obligated to (I would recommend that you do). The rooftop is exclusive to the guests staying in the 14 rooms.  You can ask for meals to be delivered, happy hours set up, or you can have a snack up there whenever you wish. You can host private dinners if you wish. The staff is at your service.

In the evening, the fireplace is roaring and there are blankets set out in case you get cold.  It is the perfect place to go after dinner.  You can order wine, cheese, and have a nice romantic evening. You can view the stars and overlook the Spanish steps.

The room:

Our room was a gorgeous duplex. The best way I can describe it is chic, modern, and timeless – like any Ferragamo design. Once you enter, on the right there is a little kitchenette that can be hidden by a door. It is complete with a mini fridge, bottle openers, wine and water glasses, small snacks, and a Nespresso machine. In the middle of the room is a sitting area. There is also a king sized bed with white linen and a down comforter that is so comfortable.


If you go downstairs, you will find a huge tub and a spacious shower. There is a toilet separated by a mirrored door which is always appreciated. There is also a sauna and a stationary bike in case anyone wants to exercise (as if walking around the city isn’t enough). The bathroom is supplied with Ferragamo shower products and complementary perfume for him and her. My favorite part is the yukatas (Japanese robes) they put out for us as a small gesture to make us feel at home. It truly was everything I wanted in a bathroom and more. Porcelain colored sinks and marble walls are just the touch to make the bathroom seem lavish.



  • Clean
  • Beautiful Design
  • In Room Sauna
  • Location by the Spanish Steps
  • Customized service
  • Amazing Rooftop
  • If you have children, they will do special breakfasts and treats for the kids.
  • Ferragamo products
  • 10% off on all Ferragamo purchases
  • Celebrity Treatment
  • Free in-room breakfast or breakfast on the rooftop.
  • Large Walk In Closet


  • Not Budget Friendly
  • Only 1 elevator
  • No real restaurant in the hotel


This is one of my favorite hotels and I would strongly encourage anyone who is in Rome to stay, even for just one night. Not only is it beautiful, clean, and in a good location, but they provide good service no matter who you are. If you are looking for a romantic hotel with customized service and a great rooftop, this is for you. You’re welcome. 


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