The Prince Gallery Tokyo Kioicho: True Luxury Hotel in the Heart of Tokyo

dsc01239I have to admit that at first,  I was not as excited about staying at this hotel.  I was not sure what to expect and for the price point, I was not sure if it would be worth it.  This hotel only has direct access to the subway and my “go-to” Prince Hotel in Shinagawa (check out the review here) is a nice hotel, comparatively cheap, and  right on the JR metro line. The reason why I am telling you this is because I was WRONG.

Hotel Information

The hotel is in a very large commercial complex and only occupies 6 floors (The rest of the building is what I assume to be office space, residential space, restaurants, and another hotel. Underneath the building is a slew of restaurants, starbucks, and Dean and Deluca, which may be important for some of you who are not as familiar with Japanese cuisine.  


I was concerned about getting around Tokyo staying at the Prince Gallery Hotel because it is not directly on the JR metro line. However, it is on the subway line, which could be just as convenient, depending on which areas of Tokyo you want to visit.

Tokyo subway map
The Prince Gallery is near the Aksaka-mitsuke and Nagatacho stations


The Lobby

If you are coming by Bus, Taxi, or Uber, then you will be dropped off on the second floor from the parking garage.  A Prince Gallery Hotel bellman will be waiting and will greet you promptly and take your bags.  He will ask if you are checking in and will guide you up to the 36th floor (the Main Lobby) via a super quick and ultra quiet elevator. Seriously –  the elevator was so smooth and quiet that if it weren’t for your ears popping, you would not think you were moving.

As the elevator doors open, you are met by an extravagant view.  It is quite breathtaking.  The entire cityscape greets you with an incredible view of the Tokyo Sky Tree. The entrance feels glamorous and modern. Ok, I was suddenly interested and excited to see what else this hotel had to offer.


To the left is Oasis, the restaurant that serves breakfast and down the spiraling stairs is the amazing Sky Gallery Lounge Levita, where I enjoyed a few delicious but overpriced drinks. Adjacent to the bar is a restaurant called Washoku Souten.


The main lobby is spacious with tons of seating. It is beautifully designed with white chairs, a large fireplace, and another bar for one off drink or coffee.  There is a business center, huge conference rooms, and an indoor smoking area that is closed off so no one can smell the smoke from outside.

People who checked us in were extremely nice.  They had moderate english skills, but were much more helpful when I spoke Japanese.  That’s the thing about the Japanese people. They will definitely try to speak English, but many things will be left out as they may not feel as confident in their language abilities.

The concierge was extremely helpful.  We wanted to make reservations at a very popular restaurant called Kien. (Kien is a Michelin Starred restaurant that is close to the hotel. Check it out if you can). They made the reservations for us and printed directions on how to get to the train station.

The Room

The elevators to get to the rooms are blocked off by glass doors that can only be opened with a room key. It feels very exclusive.  Once you get into the elevator, you will need to go down to your room as the lobby is on a higher level than the rooms. We were on the 34th floor (The Club Lounge Floor).  Staying on this floor will give you free access to the club lounge, pool, fitness center, and spa for no additional cost (no brainer as the pool and fitness center will cost you around $45 a person).

As you walk in, the first thing you will notice is the incredible view of Tokyo.  You will get an amazing view of the Tokyo Sky Tree and the cityscape. You can take it in while you sit in the plush day bed by the window.


The second thing you will notice is that the whole bathroom is made of glass and the shower is transparent. Have no fear though. With just one touch of a button, the windows will fog for your privacy.

The bedroom is beautifully designed and comes with an extremely comfortable king size bed. The sheets are silky smooth and the down comforter is just heavy enough to keep you warm but not too hot.

All of the lights are controlled by a touch pad located on the night stand. If there is anything you need such as a service request, you can message hotel personnel via the iPad in English or Japanese. All lights and drapes can be controlled by the iPad as well.

The bathroom is modern and spacious.  It contains most toiletries that you will need – toothbrush, body scrubber, shower cap, emery board, hair brush, and razor.

The toilet is separate and has the Japanese toilet that plays masking sounds, automatically lifts and pulls down the seats, and has the showering function. It even has heated seats and I could have sworn that there was a vent to take any odors away but I could not confirm.  

The shower room has a very deep soaking tub inside and 3 shower heads. The water pressure was perfect and the water temperature was capable of becoming extremely hot (both things that I need for my showers).

The Lounge

By staying on the Club Level Floor (34), we were able to have complimentary access to the Club Lounge.  This lounge was the best hotel lounge I have experienced. In the morning, they served breakfast.  In the afternoon, there were a plethora of sweets to choose from and accompanying coffee and tea. In the evening, there are cocktails that you can make along with hor’dourves. The fridge contains tea, juice, and beer that is complementary at any time. You can enjoy all of this while you overlook the city.

The Spa/ Gym/ Pool Area

As I mentioned before, in order to access this area, you will need to pay $45 a day per guest.  If you stay in a Club level room, you pay about $80 extra (for a room charge), but you will get free access to these amenities and the lounge. No Brainer here- stay on the club level.

Once you get to the Spa area, you will need to check in with the attendant.  He will search your name, check you in, and  give you two locker keys.  One is for your shoe locker where you can change into slippers. The other is for the locker room.

Inside the locker is a bathrobe and towel.  I immediately put my bathrobe on and went to the pool.

The pool is an Olympic size pool with 3 lanes. It is heated and as soon as you get there, an attendant will offer you goggles and a swim cap.  I opted to leave mine off and just sat on the lounge chairs overlooking the city.  Meanwhile, Kevin swam laps.

The Spa contains 2 “Onsens”.  One is a cold bath and the other is a hot bath.  I tried both of them out and decided I liked the hot bath better.  It apparently is carbonated to improve circulation.  The bath area also contains a steam shower and 4 shower stalls.

The Gym is equipped with all the modern workout equipment.  It is ultra clean and also overlooks the city.  I seriously could have spent my entire day at the Spa/Pool/ Gym area. I absolutely loved it.


By booking with the AMEx FHR program, we were able to get a free breakfast.  The Oasis restaurant was beautiful and delicious.  Kevin opted to get the continental breakfast buffet which contained a wide variety of breakfast items.  I opted for the Chef’s special – Poached Egg with truffle. It was the best egg I’ve ever had.  Our meals both came with a juice and coffee along with pastries. It was a great breakfast- especially since it was included with our room!


  • Clean
  • Ultra Modern
  • Beautiful Design
  • Exclusive
  • Comfortable
  • Good Location
  • On Subway line
  • In Central Tokyo
  • Amazing Breakfast
  • Airport Bus Stop – You can book via the iPad in your room or by talking to the front desk.
  • Good Service


  • Pricey
  • Need to pay for Gym Access with Standard Room
  • Need to pay for  Spa Access with Standard Room
  • Need to pay for Pool Access
  • Hotel Restaurants are pricey
  • Not on JR line
  • English was spoken but was not up to par as some of Prince’s sister hotels in Tokyo.

If you decide to stay at this hotel, I promise you will not be disappointed.  It really does not get any better than this.  It is a true luxury hotel. I left feeling well rested and taken care of. I will definitely be back! 

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