MotoMoto Tips: How we booked 2 flights & 4 nights at the Four Seasons Miami for just over $500

I normally don’t write about travel credit cards…but when I do, I prefer….

No seriously. I don’t like writing about travel credit cards because I don’t want to turn into one of those blogs that tries to get its readers to click and apply for a thousand cards. We will only ever talk about ones that we personally use and endorse.

At MotoMotoTravel, we just want to give you honest, non biased feedback on our travel experiences.

HOWEVER,  this story was too good for me not to share.

The Story:

It all started out when Izumi had to take a business trip to Fort Lauderdale for a client meeting. We joked about how she was going to be driving in sunny Florida, while I would be stuck on Interstate 495 in hours of traffic. Then it dawned on us: WE HAVE A COMPANION PASS TICKET!

Izumi and I both have the Delta Platinum AMEx card. It has a few nice perks (decent sign up miles, group 1 boarding, free checked bag, etc.) but by far the biggest perk of the card is an annual “companion pass,” which lets the card holder bring a companion on any domestic round trip flight. If her company was going to pay for her flight down to Florida, I could use my companion pass and catch a free ride down.

Flights: check.

Hotel: Now this is where it gets awesome…

Did my normal search through my “go to” hotel sites (, Tripadvisor and Fine Hotels & Resorts) just to get a sense of prices for those days. I noticed that there were a handful of hotels that were running specials (when I checked the FHR site) but Izumi and I wanted to stay at the Four Seasons.


So I went to the FS Miami website, and noticed that the FS Miami was running a 3rd night free promotion.

Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 6.30.47 PM

Great! We could leave Wednesday evening and be back Saturday morning (to take advantage of the 3rd night offer).


We could try to use our Citi Prestige card to get an extra free night. One of the biggest perks of the Citi Prestige card (and the only reason I got the card) was that it offers a “4th night free” benefit.

Pretty much at any hotel throughout the world, as long as you book your travel through the Citi concierge (yes, the concierge will match prices they see online) you will receive the 4th night free benefit.

The big question: Could I combine my 4th night free Citi Prestige benefit to the Four Seasons promotion of 3rd night free.

The answer: YESSSS!!!!!!

I called in to the Citi concierge, and they confirmed I could add in their 4th night free benefit. Obviously, I immediately booked.

Within an hour of confirming my booking with the concierge agent, I received an email from Citi and Four Seasons.

Four Seasons confirmed in an email that I was to receive their 3rd night free offer. Citi emailed to confirm that I would be receiving their 4th night free offer. It was amazing!!!!!


When you can combine a hotel’s “3rd night free offer” or “5th night free offer” to the Citi Prestige’s “4 night free” benefit, you are essentially getting 40%-50% off hotel bookings.

I almost want to start planning trips solely based on where the 3rd or 5th night free offers are.

*** To my 10 friends who actually read this blog. The FS Anguilla is running a 5th night free promotion on their 3 BR Villa…could be an amazing trip…just saying***

If anyone needs help looking at different vacation options, feel free to email me or leave a note in the comment section.

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