Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay: WOWWW I LOVE THIS HOTEL!!!!

FS Bali 1

I know there are a lot of hotels on Bali. I’m sure all of the 5 star properties are all really nice. BUUUUUUT, it would be pretty damn hard for me to stay at any other hotel if I go back to Bali.

If you’ve never been to Bali and are on the fence, trust me when I say I felt completely safe, and the people on the island are so warm and friendly. Book a ticket right now and start planning your trip.


This was part of our big Asia trip that Izumi and I took. Just to bring you all up to speed, Zumi and I knew we wanted to fly Singapore Suites, so we booked two suites tickets to Singapore. We also knew that we wanted to visit the Maldives, so we booked a ticket and reserved an over water bungalow at the FS Maldives Kuda Huraa (which was also amazing. See the review here Four Seasons Maldives at Kuda Huraa)

After that, we really didn’t have a schedule, and were open to checking out a number of different places. After looking at pictures online, we settled on the FS Bali at Jimbaran Bay….and thank god we did!

FS Bali 2

Coming from the Maldives (and knowing we were going to fly to Bali), I knew Singapore Airlines would be the most direct flight.

I still had some Chase points left over even after booking the Suites class ticket, so Zumi and I cashed in 40k points each to fly business class from Maldives to Bali via Singapore with a 1 hour layover. No Brainer.

Flight on Singapore Airlines regional business was great (though not AMAZING). As Zumi and I were taking the redeye back to Singapore, we just wanted to be able to lay down and sleep. Review to come soon.

We ended up looking for a deal on the FS website for the 4th night free through Four Seasons.

We then used our Citi Prestige Card (this card has literally saved me thousands and thousands of dollars this year) to get the 4th night (average) also free. After both discounts, it was a little more than $400 USD per night.

The Hotel:


This hotel was 5 star luxury with TONS of Balinese charm. The property itself was HUGE. Each room had its own villa with a private pool. I originally booked the smallest/cheapest room at the property using my Citi Prestige card for an average rate of just above $400 a night. At the time of check in, I asked if there was some upgrades available.

I was able to get 3 category room upgrades for an extra $150 a night. Originally it was over $850 a night. #Winning

ANNNNNDDDD you guessed it, the room was amazing!!! Our room had views of the entire bay.

FS bali 6

FS bali 7

It was huge, and even had an outdoor shower.

Bali bathroom

Bali bathroom2

Also had a huge terrace with a great view.

FS Bali 2FS Bali 1

We also went to the other two hotel pools on the property. One was in the middle of the resort overlooking the bay, while the other one was located at the hotels swank restaurant, Sundara. Sundara was amazing. More to come on that later in the post.

View from Sundara restaurant overlooking the pool
Main pool in resort


View from the main pool

For big parties, this hotel has 2 and 3 bedroom units that are priced pretty damn well (considering you’re staying at a 5 star property).

I just picked a random date for a night in August (so without applying any type of FS discount or using the Citi Prestige 4th night free), and a 3 bedroom, Garden Villa is priced under $1500 a night.

I mean check out the sq footage of those units. 17k sq ft are you kidding me!!???!?!?!?

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 4.07.56 PM.png


The food at this hotel was OUTSTANDING. I can say that breakfast everyday at the hotel was incredible. The buffet had a lot of different variety, and the staff always kept the cappachuinos coming.

balia coffee.jpg

Though its easy to have good coffees when you’re looking at this view.

balia coffee1

There is a restaurant by the beach called Sundara.

Sundara was AMAZING! They specialize in Balinese food…think of it as Balinese tapas.

Sundara 3

Sundara 4


During the day Sundara has day beds anyone can use (as long as they are buying foods/drinks) by the pool. This means that if its a weekend and you want to lounge by the pool all day, you need to get to the pool early to reserve a spot.

Sundara 5.jpg

We told the assistant manager at breakfast that we wanted to check out Sundara for lunch, and he phoned in and reserved us a day bed.

There is also a Balinese restaurant towards the top of the hotel called “The Cooking Academy.” Its a really small restaurant that has 15-20 seats. We ate there the first night, but stuck to Sundara most of the trip.


The BIG highlight (food wise) of the trip was the Seafood night at the terrace. OMFG if you happen to be at this hotel during Seafood night you have to go.

It was around $60 USD and was literally all you can eat sashimi (tuna and salmon), lobster, crab, clams, shrimp & oysters.



***Travel Tip***

Try to limit yourself to one bowl of rice or pasta when you are at these all you can eat seafood buffets. I personally try to eat as much of the most expensive items on the menu ( I also am considered medically obese so take this for what it’s worth).



With so much character mixed in with 5 star luxury, this hotel gets two MAJOR thumbs up in our book. I know there are other hotels on the island, but if I’m going to travel 20 plus hours flying to the other side of the world, I want to make sure that the hotel I’m paying top dollar for is nice (which is why I try to stay at Four Seasons).

Even though this hotel is price slightly higher than the other 5 star properties on Bali, I wouldn’t hesitate to come back.


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