6 Must Have Items To Bring On Your Next Flight

Everyone travels differently.  There are certain things that I HAVE to have with me before a long haul flight (especially if I’m flying economy).

Most lists online will say neck pillow, noise cancelling headphones, etc. so I didn’t want to repeat those. Here is a more unique list of items that I always make sure I have with me on every trip.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Goes without saying but airplanes are absolutely disgusting. A 2015 study by TravelMath found that trey tables on planes have 2,155 colony forming units of bacteria per sq inch. A toilet seat at home has 127…

THAT IS F’ING GROSS. The toilet seat that I literally $hit on (on my amazing squatty potty) every day has a $hit tons of bacteria. Yet, the trey table on my airplane that I am about to eat on has over 16x more bacteria on it. BARF.

I not only use hand sanitizer on my hands, but I also rub it all over my trey table.

2. Butt Pillow

Not sure if it’s because I’m “medically obese” (BMI of just over 30), but every time I sit down in an airplane seat for more than a few hours, my butt always gets numb. It’s kept me from sleeping on multiple flights because my leg starts to fall asleep.

How do I fix it? With this amazing butt pillow. It takes a few minutes to blow up (by mouth) and feels like you’re sitting on a soft cloud. It’s seriously a life saver.

There are a variety of seat cushions/butt pillows online. I personally like the type that I blow up as opposed to memory foam. The memory foam ones are slightly more comfortable, but take up WAYYY more space in your carry on.

3. Imodium

I’ll spare you the details here…

4. Jacket with zipper side pockets

I know this one is kind of vague, but everyone has a different style. My only bit of advice to you is to just make it a jacket that has zipper side pockets.

Picture this: you’ve been waiting in line at immigration for the past 30 minutes. You finally get to be next in line when you look up and see the person in front of you is frantically looking for their passport in their briefcase. WTF HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THE LAST 30 MINUTES???!!!?!?!? Did you not read any sign that said please have your passport ready?????

I understand people put their passports away so they don’t loose it. However, if you had a jacket with side zippers, you could put your passport in your zippered jacket pocket and not have to worry about it falling out. Problem solved.

5. External Battery

There are so many cheap external battery options out there that you would be foolish not to have one. A quick amazon search shows that you can get external batteries for as little as $11.99.

Personally, you get what you pay for. I would go slightly higher but a more powerful battery.

6. Refreshing Wipes

I hate socks. Even in the winter months, I tend to wear my shoes with no socks. I know I know…kind of gross.

What’s even more gross? I’m one of those guys who takes my shoes/socks off right after boarding a flight.

I always think my feet smell peachy clean, but Izumi (and the rest of the plane) would probably disagree.

Enter the these Total Refresh wipes.

Wipe one of these bad boys all over my feet and the smell disappears. I immediately go from everyones least favorite passenger to just another guy with his shoes off 🙂


What do you guys think? Is there an item that you travel with that I missed?

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  1. You flew first class last time but trust me, if you’re in economy sitting straight up for 13 hours, your butt goes numb.

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