ANA Is Now Serving Krug Vintage 2004 in First Class!

ANA publishes route specific in-flight meal/drink menus online a few months ahead of time, which I find to be a convenient way to browse what delicious treats I can look forward to on my next flight with them.

I’m not flying with ANA again until June 2019, but my parents are flying them next month in first class, so I took a look at their online menu this morning, and found an extremely pleasant surprise. For at least their Sept~Nov 2018 routes between Japan and North America, ANA has upgraded their first class champagne from regular Krug to Krug Vintage 2004!!! These go for upwards of $300 per bottle, so it’s definitely an upgrade. I have no idea how long they’ll keep serving the upgraded Krug, but if you’re flying ANA between Sept~Nov this year, I’m very jealous of you guys!



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